Security Cameras

How Much Does A Security Camera System Cost? And Can I Afford It?

At Total Security, one of the questions we get asked most frequently is: How much does a security camera system cost? And can I afford it? From the Owner’s Corner, Matt DiMicco explains the factors that influence the cost of security cameras: The number of cameras you need to install in your home or commercial … Continue reading

The Top 4 Reasons To Install Security Cameras In Hospital Parking Lots

When a family member visits a loved one in the hospital, usually the last thing on their mind is the safety of the hospital’s parking lot. However, hospital parking lots can be dimly lit, unguarded labyrinths that pose security risks not only to visitors but to staff members as well. Many hospitals recognize the need … Continue reading

4 Reasons Your Business Needs Video Surveillance

Having a successful business can depend on a lot of factors. To keep your business profitable, you need to have employees that give you their best, a good product or service that people need and want, and you need to be in a market that has high demand of what you are trying to sell. … Continue reading

Nassau County’s Best HDCVI Camera Installers

For the last decade, Total Security has been building a strong reputation for being the best security company in Nassau and the New York area. When it comes to expertise, timely installation, and affordable rates, nobody can match us. One of the things we do best is proper security camera set up and installation. Recently, … Continue reading