Securing Your Apartment Complex With Video Intercom Systems

Apartment buildings, townhouses, condominiums, cooperative housing units, and other residential complexes house a multitude of families. They also commonly see with a high turnover rate in residents, which means it is common for neighbors to be unfamiliar with one another and visitors to be unrecognizable. This can cause residents to be more cautious and require a heightened sense of security. Additionally, because these buildings tend to have a frequent flow of people in and out which can increase the risk of break-ins.

As a residential property manager, your tenants expect you to provide a certain level of security, and while you may have already installed video surveillance systems, home alarm systems and security patrolling the community, video intercom systems will take your security to a new, necessary level.

The Benefits Of Installing A Video Intercom System For Apartment Buildings

video intercom systems for apartment buildingsAs the owner or property manager of an apartment building, providing a safe living environment for your tenants is a top priority. By placing a video intercom system at the entrance of your building will allow residents to view who is trying to access the building. While common visitors may include family, friends, delivery drivers, or maintenance workers, there are instances where someone is trying to access the building that should not be in the building or may even pose a threat. A video intercom system empowers your residents to provide or deny access to visitors depending on whether they feel comfortable letting them inside. If you already have an audio intercom system installed, you may want to consider upgrading to a video intercom system for added security.

If the property you own or manage is a condominium or co-op complex, you may want to consider installing individual video intercom at each individual unit. This is especially ideal if the property is not gated and residents are not able to provide or deny access to the community.

How A Video Intercom System Works

Video intercoms provide 24/7 communications and provide the simple two-way communication that is as simple as the press of a button.

When a visitor wishes to access the building, they will select the unit number they are trying to visit on a control panel that is located outside, at the entrance of your building. After entering the unit, a camera will be activated displaying a live video and audio feed of who is at the entrance on the interior panel inside your tenant’s unit. When communicating with the visitor, the tenant will be able to control the volume and adjust the brightness on the camera for clearer viewing directly from the monitor inside their unit.

Whether you have a large apartment complex with hundreds of units or a smaller one with a dozen or so units, Total Security can help. We offer color video monitors in varying screen sizes depending on your needs and preference.  Plus, our video intercom systems can be integrated with other security systems you have in place to elevate the level of security and monitoring of your apartment building.

Have A Commercial Video Intercom System Installed Today

Total​ ​Security oversees the entire process when installing apartment building video intercom systems including the initial installation, monitoring, continued service and maintenance of the system. Additionally, we offer free lifetime technical support and are always on call.

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