How Security Systems Create A Safer Environment for Library Patrons and Employees

Public libraries tend to have an open-door policy, welcoming and encouraging people to patronize their buildings, spend time in them and bring along their families. However, this open environment can make them an easy target for theft and even potentially dangerous or hostile attacks. This is true for libraries all over, and those located on Long Island, New York City or New Jersey are no exception. The challenge for library administrators is how to maintain a welcoming environment while creating a safe environment for patrons and staff.

Like schools, places of worship and shopping malls, a library can become a prime target because they often see large amounts of people gathered in their building, and because they are open to the public it can be a challenge to identify threats and monitor who is inside the building. To help deter and identify any suspicious activity, it is recommended to install an integrated security system in libraries.

A video surveillance system will enable you to monitor not just the entrances and exits of the library, but areas that may be concealed from employee workstations. A video camera allows your employees or security to monitor the library’s stacks, computer rooms, offices, study areas and all other areas at all times from different angles without ever needing to leave their desk or office. This is extremely helpful as libraries tend to have multiple levels, different rooms patrons can use, study areas and long stretches of bookcases, all of which make it difficult to monitor whether someone is attempting to steal books, videos, CDs and magazines. Furthermore, this setup can make it extremely difficult to monitor whether a potentially dangerous situation is unfolding.  A video surveillance system can help greatly when it comes to identifying suspects should an event or theft occur.

A security camera surveillance system enables your security and administrative staff to keep a watchful eye on the entire building, without having to get up and physically monitor locations such as:

  • Entrances and exits
  • Check-out desks
  • Stock rooms
  • Offices
  • Computer rooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • Program rooms
  • Tight aisles with limited visibility

Video surveillance systems will also allow for remote monitoring that can be accessed by your cell phone. This enables building administrators to always be able to check in even when you are physically unable to be in the building. Library administrators may also want to consider installing an alarm system and biometric locks.  Alarm systems can be silent or loud and can be triggered to alert authorities immediately in the event of suspicious activity or dangerous event. Having biometric locks installed can be set to enable only authorized individuals to access offices, meeting rooms, computer labs and other parts of the building preventing patrons from wandering into unauthorized areas.

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