Total Security Interview On Channel 12 News Offers Security Camera Insights To Help Fight Recent Long Island Knifepoint Retail Robberies

Total Security Interview on News12 Long Island Giving Insights About Knifepoint Retail Robbery

Gianpaolo DiMicco, Total Security’s Security Systems Expert (Source News12 LongIsland)

On a recent report by News12 Long Island, the serial knifepoint robber who targeted 16 locations in Suffolk and Nassau counties is still on the loose and has not yet been identified. There have been at least nine Long Island food shops robbed by the same suspect. The robber was described to be wearing a mask, face completely covered.

There were two reasons pointed out why the police find it hard to identify the suspect. One is that the knifepoint robber always wears a mask and another is that despite the fact that these businesses having surveillance cameras, the video quality is poor and is not giving authorities a clearer footage. The security cameras installed seem to be low-grade quality cameras, and security systems are outdated.

Gianpaolo DiMicco, Total Security’s security camera expert, said that most New York retail stores are still using the standard analog non-HD camera systems. And to get better quality footage, he suggested that people should upgrade to higher definition cameras that can shoot at least in 1080P (2MP) or 4K resolution.

Another factor that must be put into consideration is the installation and placement of security cameras. A properly installed surveillance system will help capture a better visual of the suspect and can provide clues or evidence that will assist during investigations.

The police department and security camera experts on Long Island are working together to help small businesses improve overall security.

If you are a small business owner on Long Island, Total Security can help you decide which surveillance camera system will work best for your business. Don’t let retail robberies and an outdated security system hurt your business. We can help you decide which type and how many cameras you need. Our experienced security camera experts will also provide you advice regarding proper camera locations. Total Security offers FREE on-site retail security estimates. Call 516-775-2304 today.

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