Apartment Security for Homeowners Who Have Apartments in Their Home on Long Island

long island apartment in home securityMany homeowners on Long Island choose to create an apartment in their home to offset high living expenses in New York. If you have an apartment in your home, it’s important to implement security measures to keep your family and belongings safe, and also to provide an added level of security for your tenants. 

Home Security Options for Your Apartment

Using rental income to offset a portion of your monthly mortgage payment is something many homeowners choose to do or even need to do. This income boost often makes homeownership more affordable, but you’re thinking about renting out your spare bedroom, in-law suite or basement apartment, be sure to implement the following security measures first:

  • Video Surveillance – This is an important safety measure to consider. Installing security cameras in near entry points like the front or back door and the garage will help you monitor if anyone is attempting to enter your home. If the apartment is attached to your home, you should also install a camera by the connecting door. To give your tenant an added sense of security, installing a camera by their entry door is also ideal.
  • Mobile Monitoring – As a landlord, mobile monitoring allows to you check in on your property to ensure things as they should be even when you’re not home. They also enable you to act promptly in the event something does go wrong.
  • Home Alarm Security System – Alarm sensors are placed strategically in areas where thieves are more likely to break in allowing you to detect intruders. If a burglar accesses these points, the alarm goes off alerting you to the disturbance. In the event of a break-in, you’ll have time to react and call the emergency services or seek help from neighbors.
  • Biometric Locks – If you are renting out a room in your home biometric locks can be installed and used to prevent tenants from accessing restricted areas.

Additional Home Security Tips

It’s also a good idea to implement the following security solutions in your home to make it more secure:

  • Keep the doors and windows locked at all times, even if you are at home and especially when you aren’t. 
  • Install motion and light-activated outdoor lighting.
  • Change the locks immediately on your apartment once a tenant moves out in case they made a copy of the key and kept one for themselves after moving.

Additional Reasons to Consider Home Security If You Have an Apartment

Your Renter May Damage Your Property

As with any rental property, you likely collect a security deposit from your tenant before they move in to cover any potential damage. However, sometimes tenants cause massive damage to the properties they rent. Security cameras will not only capture any instances of vandalism on your property and provide you with needed proof but often the presence of cameras alone is enough to deter someone from damaging your property.

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