How To Help Your Worshippers Feel Safe At Your Place Of Worship After An Attack

Church Security: How To Help Faith Communities Feel Safe After An Attack Less than a week ago, we have heard the horrific news about the mass shooting that happened in First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. The worshippers gathered for their Sunday services and worship only to endure the horrifying experience of being attacked by a gunman. What should have been a place of safety and refuge was turned into a place of fear. As churches and places of worship in New York and New Jersey prepare for services this upcoming weekend, ensuring their worshippers safety is a top priority more than ever.

The reality is churches and places of worship require security as much as any home, office or building, but often don’t have enough security. The difficulty churches and places of worship often encounter is that they often have open door policies and see extremely high volume of traffic of days of worship. While this may make church security a challenge, it is not impossible.

Church, Synagogue and Temple Security Tips

Protecting your worshippers and staff is likely your highest priority. Here are some tips and measures you can take immediately on days of worship:

  • Limit entry points – Whether your facility is large or small, having only one or two entry and exit points will allow you to monitor who is coming and going from your building. This is especially important on days of worship, when traffic volume is high.
  • Ensure all door and window locks are properly functioning – Not only should they all close and lock securely, but they should be checked often to ensure they continue to function properly.
  • Install security cameras – This will allow you to have the ability to monitor your building 24/7 with remote access, so you can check in from anywhere in the world at any time.
  • Assess Safety Risks – Evaluate the potential risks your place of worship is susceptible to, once identified you will be able to take steps to correct them.
  • Implement Safety Plans – In the event an incident or attack should occur, a plan should be in place that all security and staff members are aware of and prepared to execute.

Your worshippers should feel safe to come and worship freely.  Total Security can help you assess potential safety risks and create and implement safety plans for your place of worship. Total Security offers security products and protection services to churches, synagogues, temples, and other places of worship on Long Island, NYC and the entire New York and New Jersey area.

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