Fever Detection Cameras

In order to provide a safer working environment for their employees due to COVID-19 pandemic, companies throughout Long Island and New York City are utilizing Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) cameras, otherwise known as fever detection cameras. At this point in time, this thermal camera system is being utilized to monitor the temperatures of anyone accessing a facility to prevent the Coronavirus (COVID-19) from spreading. In future times, this technology will also be useful during flu seasons for fever detection. While smaller businesses can easily take the temperature of employees as they enter the building, larger facilities like warehouses or manufacturing plants will have a harder time ensuring every employee has been screened.

What Are Fever Detection Cameras or Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) Cameras?

Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) Cameras Long Island, NYCAn Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) camera is a special type of thermal camera system that can easily detect the body temperature of an employee from a safe distance. These cameras, also known as fever detection cameras, put the control back into the hands of the employers when it comes to employee health and safety. Oftentimes, employees will come to work even if they are sick because they don’t want to utilize a sick day, or don’t believe they are ill enough to not come into work. This can quickly become problematic in the workplace and put other employees at risk unnecessarily.

Thermal body temperature cameras will help New York businesses adjust once the stay home orders have been lifted and employees begin to return to work. For non-essential businesses who have not been able to open, installing fever detection cameras will be an important safety measure once they open their doors. Using this body heat detection technology, Long Island and NYC businesses will be able to ensure the well-being of their employees, customers and guests. Not only is this approach to taking body temperatures is efficient but it is also a safer approach than having to assign an employee to manually take the temperature of other employees in close proximity.

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How Do Body Heat Sensor Cameras Work?

fever detection cameras Long Island, NYCElevated body temperature cameras replace the need to have employees stationed at entrances of your facility to screen entering individuals. Since these EBT cameras are more accurate than traditional means of taking a person’s temperature, it eliminates the need of a secondary screening measure.

While a body heat detector camera cannot be used to detect the presence of a virus or another type of infection or illness, it can detect a fever or an elevated skin surface temperature.

Historically, these thermal camera solutions have been used in a variety of public locations including airports, concert venues, factories, warehouses, hospitals, urgent healthcare facilities, offices, supermarkets, and more.

Key Benefits of Installing A Thermal Body Temperature Camera for Businesses or Offices

body heat detection camera system installation on Long Island & NYCBody heat detector cameras are ideal for businesses wanting to improve the security of their facility. They can be placed at discreet locations within your facility such as the front entrance, employee entrances, loading docks, delivery entrances, and outdoor entrances.

Thermal cameras can detect if the temperature of a person’s skin is above what the average temperature should be, indicating they have a fever. This in turn, will allow an employer to swiftly respond and have that person go home before potentially infecting anyone else.

Installing an Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) Detection System is ideal for high-traffic buildings or facilities that have a large number of employees since they can efficiently manage individual health screenings and identify any possible employees who would need more specific diagnostic testing in order to rule out the presence of a virus or other illness.

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Elevated Body Temperature Cameras for NYC Businesses

Businesses in New York City carry a higher risk of transmitting viruses like COVID-19 or even the common flu. This is largely due to the denser population, larger number of individuals employed, and higher foot traffic in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. While any business will benefit from the use of elevated body temperature cameras, businesses in NYC will benefit even more so. Once the epicenter of the Coronavirus, it has now been proven that any viral disease can and will spread quickly in NYC. To prevent the spread of future diseases or future waves of the Coronavirus, businesses in NYC should consider installing thermal body cameras.

When used properly, fever detection cameras are able to accurately measure a person’s surface skin temperature without requiring anyone to be physically close to the person under evaluation – they can even be in another room. In times of heightened awareness for the spread of a virus, this is critical as taking a temperature orally requires close contact.

Many illnesses, including COVID-19 have the presence of a fever as a symptom making thermal imaging cameras extremely important. Keep in mind that while a diagnostic test is needed to prove an individual has COVID-19 or the flu, these cameras can detect the possibility of an illness and are extremely effective in helping prevent the spread of diseases. The FDA has approved the use of thermal imaging systems to aid in reducing the spread of disease, which is just another reason why you should contact Total Security today to install elevated body temperature cameras in your New York City building or office.

Elevated Body Temperature Camera Systems have already been used in many countries to prevent the spread of a pandemic and depending on the set up can even take the temperature of multiple individuals at once.

The accuracy of these systems depends on the set-up of the EBT cameras, as well as proper preparation of the individual who is about to be evaluated. This is why it is important to have highly trained individuals designing and working on your system. When preparing the room and individual to be screened you should follow these parameters:

  • Maintain a room temperature of 68-76 in the screening room with relative humidity to 10-50%
  • Avoid using rooms with reflective backgrounds such as glass or mirrors
  • Choose a room with no draft, direct sunlight, strong lighting and station the individual away from any heat sources
  • Have the individual being screened remove any face obstructions including a mask, glasses, hat, scarf, and hair
  • Make sure their face is clean and dry
  • Have them wait in the screening room at least 15 minutes prior to screening
  • Wait 30 minutes until screening if they have just exercised, performed a physical activity, or applied a cold or hot compress to their face

These fever detection cameras are ideal for screening employees, customers, clients, guests, travelers, and delivery drivers. They are ideal for NYC construction sites, grocery stores, office buildings, NYC airports, Penn Station, Grand Central Station, subway stations, shopping centers, and medical offices. These cameras are highly efficient and take only a few seconds to take a person’s temperature and alert the screener whether there is a fever detected. This allows you to act quickly and prevent those who may be ill from entering your NYC building.

Total Security Can Make Your Facility or Building Safer

Elevated Body Temperature cameras can be integrated into your security system to create an overall safer work environment. When evaluating the security of your business or facility, you need to consider the physical security and safety of your employees in addition to the health safety of them.

At Total Security, we offer all-encompassing security solutions for Long Island, New York City, Westchester and New Jersey businesses that include security systems, surveillance cameras, alarm systems, and thermal security camera systems. We work with brands like Flir which offer first defense screening options for businesses, and manufacture their products in Sweden.

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