How Pharmacy And Drugstore Security Systems Create A Safer Environment For Owners, Staff And Customers

Pharmacy & Drugstore Security SystemsPharmacies and drugstores on Long Island, New York City or New Jersey, require security as much, if not more than other local businesses. With the opioid crisis on the rise, business owners may pay a high price if they don’t have proper security measures in place. It’s an investment that can not only protect your property, but can potentially save lives too. It may sound harsh, but the abuse of pharmaceutical drugs and medications is on the rise, and sometimes desperate people will take desperate measures.

This unfortunate reality makes pharmacies and drugstores prime targets for theft. This is why having security systems and video surveillance is an important investment your business needs to make in order to protect both your employees and customers. Unlike most other businesses when someone decides to rob a pharmacy or drugstore, it’s not for money, it’s for prescription drugs. Due to the nature of this crime, would-be thieves may take unusual and extreme measures like breaking through drive-thru windows or even armed robbery in a store full of people in broad daylight.

Typically, the known presence of security cameras is enough to deter a potential thief. However, in the event this doesn’t stop them, surveillance systems will afford the authorities the ability to identify the criminal so they can proceed in their investigation. Without a security system in place, you not only lessen the possibility of catching the criminal, but you leave your business, employees and customers at great risk. In addition to surveillance cameras, drugstores and pharmacy security should also include an alarm system and biometric locks. Alarm systems can be silent or loud, and will trigger authorities immediately upon a theft. Biometric locks can be installed and setup to be time sensitive to coordinate with employee shifts, or they may be made such that only an employee’s biometric data can unlock and open substance lockers.

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