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Are you looking for Nassau County security cameras? If you are in need of home or business security camera installation in Nassau County, NY on Long Island, there are qualities that a camera company should posses:

Total Security announced as Top Rated Security Camera Company

Total Security announced as Top Rated Security Camera Company in Nassau County.

1. They should be A+ Rated by the BBB. If they are not, they do not uphold a certain level of quality companies like Total Security have obtained through over ten years of exceptional service. The most discerning homeowners and business owners in Nassau County know that obtaining complete security means working with ‘Total Security.’

2. They should provide affordable security camera systems from Product thru Installation, all with a strong warrantee. Nassau County surveillance camera company Total Security is affordable. We install the top security camera brands for you cost effectively.

3. A security camera installer in
Nassau should also have a showroom
where its customers can visit, meet with the Owner, and get all of their security needs taken care of.

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 Mounted Video Surveillance Cameras Security Camera Systems Installations  Nassau County  NY Rising In Demand

Security camera installations have been rising in demand, according to Industry experts. Security threats, break ins, school shootings and theft are rampant in certain areas of Nassau County. To deter criminals and to put thieves and burglars on edge, security camera companies like Total Security come to your residence or business and the first thing that we do is complete one of the most comprehensive security evaluations. We look at every aspect of a building and property to evaluate potential threats, including vulnerable windows. You get the ‘Total Evaluation.’

How To Choose a Top Nassau County Security Camera Installations Service

  • First, avoid companies that are not licensed
  • Avoid companies that are not insured
  • Avoid companies that do not provide ample reference letters and phone numbers
  • Make sure to use companies that have over a decade of LOCAL business.
  • Watch out for overly aggressive sales tactics or “too good to be true” offers. Focus on value – getting good quality for a fair price.
  • Ask about warrantees.
  • Get a quote in writing and speak to the Owner or Customer Service if you have any doubts.
  • Look for a company that has its own Fleet of trucks
  • Look for a company that has been reviewed and scrutinized by the Better Business Bureau and has come out with an A+ Rating. Here is a blurb from a news story about our company after receiving this prestigious rating.

Look what the press said: “New York-based Total Security gains momentum as it receives a prestigious A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau in September. CEO says its unparalleled commitment to customer service combined with its affordable security camera systems, access control systems, burglar alarms, and intercoms has propelled the company’s success for over 10 years.”

For the full story, read about Total Security’s A+ Rating by BBB here.

Most importantly, look for Total Security, a trusted security company. We are the Original and only company that truly provides the complete security NY solutions for the Nassau County area.  We have our own security camera store and showroom that is filled with staff ready to serve you.

Nassau County Crime Statistics

Did you know that the crime rates for Nassau County in 2014 (so far) are approximately 20,099? Out of that figure, there were a total of 386 burglaries, 144 commercial robberies, and 701 residential burglaries, according to  the Nassau County Police Department’s Strat-Com Comparison Report. The writing is on the wall; having a professional security system installed in your home or business can help deter criminals.
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Types of Nassau Security Cameras you May Consider using:

  • High definition cameras
  • Wireless cameras
  • Analog cameras
  • IP cameras,
  • other types of security camera systems

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