3 Points To Consider When Choosing An Office Security System

security systems for offices in ManhattanSecurity in the workplace has gotten more complex over the years, ranging from dealing with onsite issues and theft, as well as cyber and IT related security issues. In an office environment, threats can come from many angles including but not limited to:

  • Unhappy employees
  • Uneducated employees who do not understand HR policies/business rules
  • Outside thieves who target your business
  • Other building staff who have access to your office

Today we will look at theft of physical items in the office and some processes that can help avoid these security issues. With the ever-present security threats in Manhattan, installing an integrated security system in an office is essential. Without it, should you end up in a legal battle or need to prove theft to the police, you will not have a record on account. Whether it’s supplies missing, important documents, or even cash and valuable goods and inventory, the bottom line is that theft adds up to a lot of lost profits.

Whether you run a small office or are in a large commercial office building, how do you go about choosing the right security system for your Manhattan office, and how do you know what are your needs?

Here are three main things you need to consider before making a final decision as to what security system to install:

  1. One major consideration when choosing the right security system is the amount of security your office needs. Although too much security may be better than too little, security is not about quantity; it’s about effectiveness. An experienced security system installer can strategically select and place cameras in such a way that they maximize coverage of key areas while minimizing the cost to you. This is what is “value” to your business. The reason installers are so important is that they will understand exactly what your business needs, down to the exact cameras and wiring needs. They will also help you avoid investing in systems that you do not need or have features that are not essential to your particular business. Because so much is at stake, the most important part of the process is selecting the right company and making an integrated plan for your business that will work now and into the foreseeable future. A qualified installer will come off as “honest” “competent” “experienced” “forthcoming” and “process oriented.” Total Security recommends analyzing your security needs first. Your office may benefit from a combination of security systems, not just cameras, and it may also benefit separately from on site security personal, depending on your type of business.
  2. For offices that need higher level of security, consider perimeter security and consider interior door access control. This will help prevent would-be intruders from breaking in to the office building, or even perimeter fencing. Total Security recommends installing a gate access control and burglary alarm systems too. All gates and main doors can be operated using biometric systems or card access control. Gates include gates seen in parking garages, which is very typical in Manhattan. You can install keypads where input codes are needed to access the office building. You can also do this at important stairways and access points. Always remember that in concert with cameras is building lighting. A well-lit area won’t only capture better footage but it will also deter more criminal activity while also making building occupants and visitors “feel safer.”
  3. The indoor security of the actual office is similar to the outdoor in that it will include cameras and access control; however you will need to think through who should have access to what specific areas. Offices involving research, data, confidential documents, labs etc. may be particular sensitive to who is allowed into each area. A good office security system should allow security personnel to easily control access privileges, and you should have the flexibility to reprogram and change as needed what those security clearances are for specific employees. You should also be able to track and report on employee movement through your door access system. If you can run reports, then you can understand who is where and when. If you need a more secure option, you can biometric systems which use fingerprint (and other) reading technology. Door access control systems will require any employee to enter an access code or swipe an ID card in order to enter and leave the area. Access control systems can also be integrated with any existing video surveillance which will make the office building more secure.

Installing an access control system that is integrated with a video surveillance system makes for a very high level of office security. The above-mentioned three factors when considered will help you choose the security system that fits the security needs of your office at a budget that suits, especially in a busy, high traffic area like Manhattan.

If you need advice as to which security system to install in your Manhattan office, speak with our security systems expert. Speak to our Owner Matt DiMicco as well. Make the right choice and always follow a security plan that makes strategic sense for your office. Contact us today for a FREE security evaluation or to ask any questions on your mind. Call (516) 775-2304.