How To Protect Your Long Island Business With Commercial Security Systems

Commercial Security Systems For Long Island BusinessesIs your business safe from break-ins, employee theft and any other threats that may affect your company? Regardless of your industry, ensuring your products, equipment, storefront, shop, property, warehouse and employees are secure is vital for any business owner. Total Security has been putting business owners’ minds at ease across Long Island for years, ensuring their business is safe from any potential threat. From commercial security systems to GPS vehicle tracking, your business is in good hands with Total Security.

Some of our top of the line security service offerings for businesses include:

  • Surveillance Camera Systems Security cameras for your business act as an extra set of eyes should something go wrong, and effective in the prevention of potential theft by customers or employees. This is especially useful for business owners with several locations, allowing them to monitor multiple locations at once.
  • Business Burglar Alarm Systems – Businesses are vulnerable to break-ins and burglaries every day. A burglar alarm system provides business owners with 24/7 protection over their assets and property. We utilize intercom systems, security cameras, card access or biometric systems and other security systems that are sure to make your property a burglar’s nightmare.
  • Access Control Systems – We offer two options when it comes to access control for business: proximity card access and biometrics systems. Proximity cards allow the holder to simply hold the credit card sized access card near the access control system for door or building access. The user of the card is identified by a small radio transponder inside the card. Biometric systems are a higher-level security device and function typically using fingerprint readers or key-pads for access control. They can also be used to track employee time and attendance.
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking – We provide businesses with internet-based access to live vehicle tracking and asset management. In addition to always knowing where your vehicles and your assets are at all times, you will also be able to eliminate employee fraud. A GPS Tracking System will monitor your vehicles and their drivers, allowing you to view information and have access to a GPS fleet management system. You will be able to see the entire status of your fleet from one screen.

Don’t make the mistake of purchasing a do-it-yourself security system, or hire a company that doesn’t take the time to learn your needs and business. You want to work with an experienced security systems company that has over 10 years of experience in installing security features and knows the industry inside and out.

From break-ins to employee theft you want to ensure your business is covered. Total Security provides businesses security products and protection services to Long Island, NYC and the entire New York and New Jersey area. Contact us today to learn more about our business security services. Call our support staff at 516-775-2304 (New York location) or 201-594-7233 (New Jersey location).