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Biometrics: A Higher Level of Security

If you are looking for a higher-level security, look at biometric security devices. Biometric systems include fingerprint-readers and or key-pad and can be used for access control as well as time and attendance. Biometric access control systems use some part of the user’s body for identification. Most commonly used is Fingerprint Recognition.

High Security

The entry requirements are next to impossible to steal or fake. Everyone is known to have unique fingerprints that cannot be modified. Let Total Security install your Biometric system on Long Island or in NYC to improve security.

Unique Traits

Biometric systems grant access based on unique traits that cannot be easily lost, such as fingerprints. Given the amount of information contained in a fingerprint, the chances of any two fingerprints being identical are estimated at 1 in 64 Billion.


Duplicate Keys
Biometric traits are not easily duplicated by anyone seeking to tamper with the security system. Plus users can’t forget or lose their fingerprint.

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