Using EBT To Reduce Liability When Re-Opening After COVID-19

Re-Opening America

fever detection cameras Long Island, NYCThe country is in the first phase of re-opening. Among other things your business has to worry about during these times, we have some bad news. Your insurance policies will be exposed to risk the second your business re-opens to the public. The following quote from Travis Vance, a partner and the chair of the COVID-19 task force at the labor and employment law firm Fisher & Phillips will paint the picture for you.  “We’re going to see a lot of claims filed related to coronavirus, and while workers’ compensation may cover you for many of them, negligence claims aren’t covered. That means you need to be ready to show you’ve taken steps to preemptively reduce the risk in your facilities.” 


In the scenario where an employee contracts the coronavirus, the loss is not debilitating to your business with the proper workers’ comp and insurance policies in place. However, an infected visitor to your business, whether it is a restaurant, office space, assisted living facility or any other building open to non-employees can be crippling. To avoid a negligence claim you must do everything reasonably within your power to secure the safety of employees and visitors. Before that, first, it is important to know how a COVID case can impact your business’ financials. 

The Initial Cost

The first way in which a COVID case can cost your business is through the process of fighting a negligence claim or civil lawsuit. Whether it is legal fees, damages to be paid, or settlement costs, the claim’s presence represents a legal headache and at least thousands of dollars spent.

Lessening Your Brand

The second cost is the damage done to your business’ reputation. A COVID case is a black eye to your business. It’ll be easier for people to jump to conclusions about how your business is run. Thoughts like ‘They must be dirty’ or just a general idea that your business is not run in the proper manner. Although these assumptions may not be true, they would be somewhat justified for making these assumptions.


The initial hit to the financials, coupled by a hit to reputation culminates in a large loss for your business in the long and short term. Short Term: Expense arising from legal fees & damages. Long Term: A hit to your reputation leads to the financials being impacted negatively in ways incalculable. 

Elevated Body Temperature Cameras

  1. The cameras screen potential customers almost instantaneously.
  2. They create the appearance and reality of extra sanitation efforts; this will go a long way Post COVID-19. 
  3. They create a competitive advantage, customers will be sensitive to COVID concerns, and your screening efforts may increase in store sales in the short and long term.