Are 4K Security Cameras Worth It?

why you need 4k surveillance camerasWhy Do You Need 4K Security Camera Systems?

Before getting into the specifications of 4K cameras, it is important to first address the need for this enhanced technology. The point of surveillance is to gather and store information. You should strongly consider 4K technology for home or commercial surveillance due to the fact that there is 4x more information being recorded and stored compared to the alternative.

From the perspective of a frugal business owner, it still makes sense to upgrade even if one is trying to save money. The scenario is the equivalent of owning the fastest car in the world because you want to be the owner of the fastest model and not purchasing a new model which is now the fastest car in the world. You are running surveillance to gather the most critical information possible, now there is a product that allows us to gather 4x more information and it is essential to upgrade your home or business’ surveillance capability so that you can continue to gather the most information possible.

Another benefit of 4K cameras is to future proof your business. In the same way that Standard Definition is now a thing of the past. Soon 1080P resolution will be obsolete. To stay ahead of the curve, you might as well embrace 4K early, we all know that technology doesn’t stand still for anyone. 

What Does 4K Mean?

If you have been in touch with the developments occurring in the camera industry over the last few years, then it is likely you have heard about 4K cameras, also known as 8 MP (Mega Pixel) cameras. 4K refers to the camera’s resolution, the cameras fit 4,000 horizontal pixels into the screen whereas the predecessor only fits 1,080 horizontal pixels. This means that 4K cameras are 4x better than the next tier of cameras. The video quality leaves nothing to question, images are crisp and detailed like nothing you have seen before.

The technology gives us the capability to zoom in on images whilst still retaining a high level of quality. Allowing the possibility for NCIS or CSI level camera zoom work under perfect circumstances. An added benefit of 4K is the ability to have clean and clear color images even in low light scenarios such as night time or an overcast day. To summarize the benefits, 4K has better imaging, better night vision capabilities, and more zoom value than Full HD (1080P) cameras.

Practical Application of 4K

4K is useful in watching both the outside and the inside of a home or business. Its practical applications are similar to that of the average surveillance camera. As a user of 4K, you can rest assured that you will not struggle to see things on surveillance. The picture will be crisp and clear, hopefully providing peace of mind for the user. 

How Total Security Can Help

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