Apartment Building Security Camera System Long Island & NYC

Apartment Building Security Camera System and Video Surveillance for Apartment Complexes in New York

Apartment Building Security Cameras Long Island & NYCTheft and vandalism are ongoing risks at any apartment complex, condo or HOA in New York City or on Long Island. Total Security advises taking a proactive approach to managing an apartment complex by installing a well-designed apartment security camera system that will promote security for your residents and building guests. We customize residential security systems for co-ops, condominiums, multi-tenant buildings, and luxury apartments in New York City and Long Island.

The following types of video surveillance cameras are used to promote security in apartment buildings:

  • Analog Cameras – easy to set up and maintain, lower resolution than newer technologies
  • HDCVI Cameras – combine the affordability and easy-to-use benefits of analog cameras with the high definition of IP technology
  • HDTVI Cameras – affordable, newer technology cameras that combine high resolution with fast transmission
  • IP Cameras – network IP cameras are flexible and easy to install
  • Door Access Control Systems – provide an added layer of security to deter unwanted visitors and vandals
  • Biometric Systems – uses biometrics as method of approval for building entry
  • Total Security also installs intercom systems and burglar alarm systems.

By utilizing our security solutions for apartment buildings, you can create a secure environment for your tenants that’s easy for you to control. From exterior entryways to interior areas to parking garages, we help you design a fully customized security system that’s right for you. Contact us today to schedule your FREE security evaluation. Call (516) 775-2304 or fill out our contact us form here.

Where To Place Security Camera Systems In Apartment Complexes

Residential properties, especially apartment buildings are often targeted for theft and an appropriate security plan can protect your apartment building and the people who live in it. We suggest installing security cameras in the following areas:

  • Indoor and outdoor locations
  • Near highly trafficked, public areas
  • Near access points / main entryways
  • Condominium, HOAs, and apartment complex security cameras
  • Near ‘vulnerable’ windows
  • Near areas in which monetary transactions take place
  • In parking lots or parking garages
  • In residential storage areas
  • Near elevator banks

Can we watch footage on smartphones and Tablets remotely?

Apartment Security Camera Systems Long Island Yes. Total Security, security camera systems are set up for remote viewing and can
be accessed 24/7 from virtually any location via the internet.


Are security cameras affordable?

Total Security conducts a thorough evaluation of your needs and continues to provide the New York area with affordable camera systems that are built to last. We provide an excellent value and back it up with excellent onsite and remote customer service. We provide apartment security camera systems to all locations in NYC and Long Island, including Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, as well as Nassau County and Suffolk County

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Does Total Security specialize in security systems for NYC and Long Island apartment buildings and residences in NY?

Total Security works closely with Real Estate Management Companies, homeowners and property managers to install security systems. We specialize in residential installations in both urban and suburban settings. Call (516) 775-2304 now for your FREE apartment security evaluation.

What is alarm monitoring and how does it work?

Alarm monitoring is a communication between a home security system and the central station of your security provider. If your control panel registers an emergency event it automatically sends a signal to the central monitoring station, and the authorities will be notified and sent to your apartment building and/or unit that sent out the emergency signal.

“Home security” doesn’t only refer to houses; it applies just as much to apartments. Renters have possessions as valuable as homeowners, so they are just as vulnerable, if not statistically more.

Why Apartment Security Is Important

The risk of burglary applies whether you live in a single-family home or apartment building. Statistics show that more than 30% of all apartment burglars accessed the unit through an open door or window. This is why it is important to install apartment security systems that will keep you, your family, and your belongings safe.
Even if your apartment does not come with a security system in place, you can take measures into your own hands even as a renter and have a security system installed in your unit.

Get A Quote for Apartment Security Camera Systems in New York

Call Total Security at (516) 775-2304 to receive a comprehensive onsite security evaluation of your condo, HOA or apartment building. Our long list of client references, our pedigree as one of the only A+ Rated security camera installers and our licensed, knowledgeable technicians will make you feel at home. Whether you are in New York City or on Long Island, reach out to us today to help you design and install the ideal apartment surveillance system. Our team is standing by to assist you.

It’s Total Security. Accept Nothing Less.

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