Video Security Camera Systems for Prisons, Jails and Correctional Facilities in New York

Video Security Camera Systems for Prisons, Jails and Correctional Facilities in New York

Is Your Prison Really Secprison-jail-securityure? Are Your Security Camera Systems Up To Date?

Your Prison, Jail or Correctional Facility, may already have a security system in place, but is it the most effective, efficient and reliable security system?  Is it really Safe, Reliable, Secure, and Cost Effective?

It is important for prisons, jails and correctional facilities to have a first rate security system in order to ensure the safety and security of all employees, the institution’s residents, and the public at large. With the vast technological improvements and advancements that have occurred in the last few years alone, your facility’s security system should be working like a workhorse machine. If it is not, outdated equipment, security liabilities and poor surveillance and monitoring as well as recording capabilities may be putting your prison at risk of breach.

Using The Right Security Cameras At Your Prison / Facility

We advise that you keep your security system up to date with the latest technologies such as IP cameras, HD Cameras HDCVI Cameras, HDTVI Cameras, CCTV Cameras, and Analog Cameras, in order to maintain the most robust security program. Newer technology provides sharper high definition imagery, more reliable image captures, and fast transmissions, to name a few . They are also often easier to maintain and more flexible when it comes to 24/7 security camera monitoring as well as networking via the internet.

Thinking about an Upgrade?
How do you know if your prison security system needs an upgrade?

vhsIf your prison is operating on video-cassette records that require daily tape changes and a physical copy of the video records, it is time for an upgrade, VCR machines are no longer produced, and these systems are not effective or reliable. If your facility is using digital video recorders that are not synchronized with date and time coordination with all systems throughout the building, it is time for an upgrade.

If your facility’s doors and gates are operating on remote control panels, as opposed to twenty four-hour surveillance, it is important to have a heavy up-to-date camera surveillance system in those areas.  Video records are also important when dealing with issues that occur within the prison. Security videos need to be high quality, easily retrievable and secure against any destruction or tampering, for a certain amount of days, in case they need to be viewed later on for legal or ethical issues.

If your prison does not have video monitoring or accessible records at exit and entry points along with within the prison at high traffic or problem areas, it is time to upgrade and improve your system.

Analog vs. Digital Security Cameras For Prisons

When considering an upgrade in prison security cameras, it is important to recognize the differences between Analog and Digital Cameras. Analog camera video images are created from lines and monitored on a television, whereas digital videos are created from square pixels and monitored on a computer screen. Digital cameras are newer and have a higher quality resolution for viewing. Analog cameras can be converted to digital pixels but some image resolution is lost, tearing or distorted images may occur.

jail-hands-in-correctional-facility-is-it-secureThinking about an upgrade to the security system you have, or installing a new system? Call Total Security for a free onsite estimate (516) 775-2304.

It’s not just you. New York prisons are investing in security.

It’s not just about security. It’s about safety. The lives of others are in your hands. You work hard to keep employees and inmates safe. You are doing your job. But is your security system?

Due to countless incidents that vary from suspicious activity in juvenile detention centers to convicted killers escaping a maximum security prison, the lapses or lack of security throughout all of New York’s prisons, jails and correctional facilities needs to be fixed.

Some facilities are taking steps in the right direction such as Rikers Island Complex. Rikers is undergoing a security reform which may include the installation of over 7,800-8,000 or more new security cameras for the facilities, nearly tripling the amount of cameras located throughout the 10 facility complex.

The New York State juvenile detention centers run by the Office of Children and Family Services have also upgraded their security systems by adding additional cameras into all facilities after a law suit began in 2010.

Maximum security prison Clinton Correctional Facility has also made changes to its security system which includes the implantation of security gates within the facilities tunnels, and also access control panels which can only be opened by prison officers where all tools and dangerous objects are located.  Clinton’s security reform also includes an increased number of cell checks and officers on duty, as long as a new warden.

Common Security Systems Used In Prisons

While video security is important to the overall security in prisons, jails, and correctional facilities, to have an all-encompassing security system it is important to include Access Control panels as well as Biometric control systems.

Access control panels have recently been making a large entrance into prisons. The control panels allow for prison officers to open up doors and gates automatically with a scan of their key or Identity card. This system has been found to be faster and more efficient in these types of facilities than the traditional programmable logic controller (PLC) which allowed access into certain areas when authorized by a computer.

biometricFor maximum security areas inside facilities Biometrics of the fingerprint or iris has been found to be effective. The iris has been seen as the most secure method for these systems due to the lack of replication. These systems take a longer amount of time to register identification than an access control panel, and are significantly more expensive, so they are mainly used to access highly secure areas.

Qualifications For Your Security Camera Installer

Now that you know what types of systems that you need, to get the most effective, efficient, and reliable security system, it is important that your security camera installer be trusted. To get the best results your security system installer should:

•    Have an A+ Rating from the BBB
•    Have over 10 years of experience
•    Should be licensed
•    Should have strong and trusted references
•    Should provide Total Security.

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