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Know Who Is At The Door Before You Open It Using Audio/Video Intercom Systems

You can safely identify a visitor before opening your door. When the doorbell rings, the unit will transmit audio & video to a monitor inside your home. Feeling safe and secure within the home is important to all single or multi-family residences. Total Security offers a range of video intercoms in Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, and Long Island including home and apartment building audio/video intercom systems with several doors and master stations or simple audio-only intercom systems with one door and master station. Dependable communication between different areas of your home is key to security and for increased peace of mind. Intercom systems are ideal for homeowners, property managers of apartment buildings and condominium or co-op properties.

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Home Security

Creating A Secure Environment for Your Tenants

If you are the owner or property manager of an apartment building, condominium or co-op complex, installing a video intercom system will ensure your tenants or residents feel safe in their homes. A video intercom allows each tenant to see who is at the front door of your building prior to allowing someone access. This helps protect your residents by only permitting access to those who have been granted entry.

Audio/Video Intercom systems are ideal for not only for homeowners and property managers of apartment buildings, but also for condominium and co-op properties. If you own or manage an apartment complex, the ideal placement location for a video intercom system is by the main entrance of your building. However, if you manage a property with individual units like condos or co-ops, installing intercom systems at each door is more ideal.

Video intercom entry systems benefit you as the property manager or building owner because you are able to provide your tenants with dependable communication, between the entrance and their home which is vital for both their security and peace of mind.  Video intercoms provide 24/7 communications and provide the simple two-way communication that is as simple as pressing the button.

Total Security services any type of facility or apartment complex in Queens, Manhattan, and Long Island. Our video intercom system for apartment buildings can be integrated with other security systems to deliver superior security and monitoring. We can help you determine the best placement for your video intercom system and will help create a package to meet your budget. Contact us today to schedule your FREE on-site security evaluation. Call (516) 775-2304 or contact us here.

Additional Benefits of Residential Audio/Video Intercom Systems

Screen Visitors

woman and baby at intercom
Residential applications included screening visitors before allowing access into the home, communicating the specific needs of the visitor. Our systems provide convenience to families by placing master stations in the most used areas of the home, allowing you to see who is at your door and decide whether you want to open it for whoever is on the other side.

While You Were Out

When a visitor rings your bell, it stores a picture with date & time stamp to show who & when someone was at your door. That way you can see who came to your door even when you’re not home. This is also a great deterrent for would-be burglars.

No Longer Open To Strangers

Having a video intercom system installed can make you feel secure when a stranger rings your doorbell. Your children can see & communicate who is at the door WITHOUT having to unlock the door, preventing unauthorized access and giving you the peace of mind that your family is safe and your home is secure.

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