Intercom Systems

Old School vs New School: Audio vs. Video Intercom Systems

A lot has changed in the century long history of apartment intercoms from when they were first introduced all the way until the IP revolution. If your apartment building is the one with an age-old audio intercom, you’ll eventually realize that it is not as reliable as you’d expect. While it was a great technological … Continue reading

5 Ways Business Video Intercom Systems Are Used in NYC

Today’s corporations, law firms, real estate brokerages, financial institutions, and other types of businesses you may find on Wall Street or retail stores throughout NYC are more concerned about the safety of their employees. For this reason, business owners, and property owners have installed innovative video intercom systems. What Are Video Intercom Systems Used For … Continue reading

Top Benefits of Video Intercoms for NYC Businesses

As a business owner in New York City, it’s important that your building is secure, especially if it is one that sees high volumes of traffic like an apartment building, medical practice, or office building. As a landlord, property manager, building owners of an NYC building, it is important to install security systems for the … Continue reading

Securing Your Apartment Complex With Video Intercom Systems

Apartment buildings, townhouses, condominiums, cooperative housing units, and other residential complexes house a multitude of families. They also commonly see with a high turnover rate in residents, which means it is common for neighbors to be unfamiliar with one another and visitors to be unrecognizable. This can cause residents to be more cautious and require … Continue reading