Hotel & Casino Security Trends in New Jersey

hotel and casino security trends njKeeping your New Jersey casino and hotel property, guests, and money safe with an integrated security system is vital to maintain the integrity of your venue. Implementing custom security solutions will not only ensure the safety of your guests but will also help improve your day-to-day functions. To do this, you need to partner with a security company in New Jersey you can rely on. 

Casinos come with the unfortunate risk for cheating and other malicious activity requiring state of the art protection for their guests. The excitement of gambling and the opportunity to win money through casino games like craps, roulette, poker, blackjack, and slot machines pull in high volumes of people, and unfortunately, some of them may be criminals looking to take advantage of the business. This is problematic for your casino, but even more so for guests staying at your hotel who may also have personal belongings they need to keep safe while residing in your hotel.

Hotel & Casino Security Needs

Both hotels and casinos have similar needs when it comes to security. This includes installing the following security systems: 

  • Video Surveillance Cameras: This allows you to have complete monitoring and the ability to record events occurring in various parts of your building or multiple locations simultaneously. They help you verify who is inside your building and alert your security staff or management of potentially suspicious behavior. It also allows you to remotely monitor your property on your mobile device.
  • Alarm Systems: An alarm system not only helps to reduce the risk of theft from employees and visitors but also will deter break-ins by would-be burglars. Since hotels and casinos tend to be open 24 hours a day, alarm systems should be placed in restricted areas like offices or rooms with safes or money vaults to alert you of unauthorized access.
  • Biometric Locks: Biometric locks can be installed and set to be time-sensitive to coordinate with employee shifts and to prevent guests from accessing restricted areas.
  • Access Control Systems: These systems are ideal for preventing unauthorized persons from entering restricted areas. When installed together with security cameras, they are very effective in capturing and recording all access events. 

Total Security Is An Expert In Hospitality Security in New Jersey

Of the above-mentioned security measures, surveillance cameras are vital for casino security. These cameras should be placed near entrances and exits, in hallways, by bars, near offices, parking lots, and of course on the gaming floor. Cameras should be placed in such a way that there are a few dark spots in coverage as possible.  

Here are the top reasons why you should have cameras installed in your hotel:

  • Improve security for guests and their belongings or winnings
  • Monitor the activities of employees and guests
  • Discourage and prevent theft, violence, and vandalism
  • Decrease your liability as a casino owner 
  • Deter and prevent mass shootings on your property

Additional Security for Hotels & Casinos

In addition to the above security measures, there are some trending safety and security solutions many hospitality venues are implementing. These include:

Internal First Response Teams

In addition to the above security measures, many casinos are implementing additional security measures that are aimed to further secure their type of business. One way is creating an in-house first response team that can arrive on the scene before police or emergency medical responders. These teams are being trained to respond to armed assailant situations and provide medical assistance after an incident. 

Training Your Employees to Recognize Potential Threats

With the unfortunate incidents of shootings occurring at hotels and incidents occurring within casinos, it’s important that both your hotel and casino employees are trained to recognize potential threats. Employees should be trained to spot signs that guests are stockpiling hazardous or illegal items, are involved with human trafficking, or has malintent.

Total Security Helps Keep Your Guests Safe

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Keeping your guests and their belongings or winnings safe requires an ongoing commitment on the part of casino managers and owners and require them to invest in security trends that will benefit their guests. 

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