How A Security Company Secures Their Business

Surveillance System

how a security company secures their building

The first step in the process is securing the brick and mortar location. The two boxes we look to check are monitoring the perimeter & interior and storing the information relayed to us by the cameras. We use 8 MP, also known as 4K, cameras covering every entrance and exit of the building. The 8 MP cameras give us great video quality, enhancing the amount of info each camera captures. In security, information is your best friend, the more the merrier. As for the interior, we have the same 8 MP cameras monitoring every square inch of the interior. This lets us keep tabs on all of the assets we have stored in our headquarters. 

Access Control

Next, we look to address the problem of letting the right people in and keeping the wrong people out. This begins with our first line of defense, the key fob system. We attach a reader to the back door, as this is where most of our staff enter the building from. Only authorized personnel obtain a fob, this screens access to the building very well. For the front door, we have a simple lock. It’s locked at the end of every business day and opened at the beginning of the next. As a secondary line of defense, we have an alarm for both entrances. Once set, it guards the front and back doors during non-business hours.

Information Security

All the info collected from our surveillance system is stored on our internal servers. These servers cannot be accessed by the public due to the various screening methods we employ. The person must pass multiple levels of screening before given access to the servers. Among these screening methods is a firewall, a Wi-Fi qualification and MAC address screening. Without getting into too much detail, a potential info thief would have to trick the system into thinking that their device is requesting access from our brick and mortar location. Not impossible, but very difficult. 

Total Security

In summation, to avoid a security breach at your business you must pay attention to the details. Make sure all your bases are covered and keep tabs on the system’s functionality. For security installations or access control, among other things, then give us a call at 516-775-2304 and explore our options.