Top 3 School Security System Features To Improve Student Safety

School Security Camera SystemsAny crime that can happen in shopping centers or parking lots can also take place in schools. We have heard devastating stories about school shootings, killing innocent lives. And because of these incidents, better security measures have become an important issue in schools. An effective security program is needed to ensure the safety of students, staff, and visitors.

With hundreds of students situated in different areas of the school, watching every one of them at all times is almost impossible. Installing integrated security systems is an optimal solution as they can be used as extra eyes and ears in keeping everyone at safe. Security cameras, for example, can help administrators monitor multiple areas at a time and carry out strict disciplinary measures when needed.

Here are 3 important security system features that will help improve student safety inside school facilities.

Video Surveillance

The installation of security cameras for surveillance is perhaps the most important aspect of school security. There’s no need to assign different hall liaisons to critical areas of campus or requiring some of them to patrol multiple areas of the building since the cameras can be used to monitor multiple places at one time. It is recommended to install cameras that can be accessed remotely. Administrators will be able to verify alarm notifications eliminating the need to drive to the school just to check whether it was a false alarm or not. And in the event of an incident, the police authority can easily be notified.

While it is important to monitor who goes in and out of the building, it is also important to monitor the school’s parking lot. For a lot of times, video footage has helped police in their investigation of parking lot incidents as they can be used as evidence. In a hit-and-run situation, the cameras can be used to track the responsible driver or substantiate the victim’s statements. Video surveillance systems can be very efficient in protecting school facilities from intruders as well as potential lawsuits.

Access Control

Another crucial feature that every school should have installed is access control system. Such system adds extra campus security by only allowing access to assigned personnel. Access control devices are designed for convenient and secure access to different areas of the school property. It also helps in managing visitor registration and in identifying guests, limiting their access to certain areas. Access control devices also help protect sensitive information from being accessed by unauthorized users. They can also be used to simplify secure access to many different applications.

Intercom Units

It is also important to integrate voice over IP telephone solutions into the school security camera system. Intercom units can be used for verifying and authorizing entry. When an individual presses the intercom button at the school’s main entrance, the administrator will be able to view the image of the person on his computer monitor and then provide access. Also, an intercom unit will come in handy in alerting students and staff in case of emergency.