Parking Lot Security

Addressing the Challenges of Parking Lot Security

Installing parking lot security cameras and proper lighting in a parking lot is one of the most important security measures a property manager can implement. Not only is it vital for security and ensuring people feel safe. While lights are important and can help people locate their vehicles and feel safer, they are not enough … Continue reading

What Security Cameras Are Ideal for Parking Lots?

All places regardless of whether there is a high level of activity or not should have at least basic security. Places like parking lots, however, requires a greater level of security. If you run or manage a parking lot business, implementing proper safety measures should be a priority. It is important to monitor individuals and … Continue reading

5 Reasons Why Surveillance Security Systems Will Improve Manhattan Parking Lot Security

Most of us use parking lots on a daily basis but do you know that parking facilities are the third most frequent place in which violent crimes happen? Based on a 2013 parking survey conducted by the International Parking Institute, Manhattan, the country’s biggest city has 86,000 networked parking spaces which is continuously growing in … Continue reading