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Why It Is Important For Property Managers To Utilize All Security System Functionalities

Securing your people and properties has been increasingly important over the recent years. The bulk of security responsibility in commercial or residential buildings is placed on the property managers. There is no such thing as a “one-stop” security solution which is why involving a security system integrator is helpful as they can properly assess risks … Continue reading

How To Protect Today’s Future Leaders During An Active Shooter Incident

“Lockdown, Lockdown. Lock the door. Shut the lights off, Say no more. Go behind the desk and hide. Wait until it’s safe inside. Lockdown, Lockdown, it’s all done. Now it’s time to have some fun!” There are 36,000 gun deaths a year and 0.2% occur on school grounds. Active shooter incidents in schools are a … Continue reading

How to Keep Your Home Safe While on Vacation

For some, spring break is a time to escape and relax, others unfortunately fall victim to two specific “vacation crimes”: robbery and/or personal larceny. One of the most common mistakes that many makes is announcing their travel plans. While we are happy that you are excited for vacation, this is not the safest thing to … Continue reading

Security Solutions for A Multi-Site Business

There is a lot to consider when it comes to managing a multi-site business. Not only do you have to oversee the performance of your employees, but their safety and security is also a top priority. If you have clients or customers entering and exiting your building daily, you also have to consider their security … Continue reading