New York Police Department Budget: How It Affects Your Business

The Budget

protecting your business after NYPD is defundedMayor De Blasio and the City Council recently approved the proposed budget by a vote of 32-17. The $88.1 billion budget includes a cut to the New York Police Department’s funding of an estimated $1 billion. Some believe the cuts are poorly timed, while others believe the cuts are appropriate. 

Problematic Timing

The timing of the budget cuts has been questioned by many in the past few days. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the city and the nation are in the midst of an economic recession. When unemployment is high and jobs are hard to come by, crime rates tend to go up due to the pressure of people to provide for self and family. 

The Ramifications 

The July graduating class of officers is being halted due to the new budget. The budget specifies that no new hires will be made by the NYPD for July and the near future. Due to the influx of new recruits being frozen, the current members of the force will soon be under heavy stress as they will likely be understaffed. 

Our Near Future

Policing as a service is in low supply due to the budget cuts. Policing is also in high demand, demonstrated by the skyrocketing crime rates experienced in NYC in the past week. The troubling part is that the victims of crime will be the ones to feel the shortage of police. Occasionally there will be people who are victimized in a crime, call the police, and don’t receive the service in a timely manner. 

So, What Can You Do As A Business Owner?

The current climate in the city leaves many concerns for business owners. As a business owner, you can’t control the city’s decisions, but you can adapt to the environment presented to you. Here are a few things to look into for you to increase security.

The key is to stay proactive, to plan ahead, and mitigate your own business risks so that your business can thrive in almost any situation. IF you have concerns or questions, our team is standing by.


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