Security Cameras

Security Cameras Have Gone Mainstream

  Devices such as security cameras used to only be prevalent in businesses such as banks, jewelry stores, airports and casinos. These businesses needed to protect large sums of money, valuables or mass amounts of people. Consider the days of security cameras only being in those types of buildings well behind us. The days of … Continue reading

How To Prevent Shoplifters in Nassau County

As a business owner, you work hard for your money. Do you own a business in Nassau County? Do you consider your employees trustworthy? How about the people that shop in your store? If you think that nobody could possibly be stealing from you, the statistics may surprise you. The 25th Annual Retail Theft Survey … Continue reading

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Bolsters Its Security Camera System

The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island has upgraded their commercial security camera system in preparation for the holiday season. There was even a morning media tour to showcase the new security renovations. It was just one year ago that Hurricane Sandy steamrolled into New York City and caused 53 casualties – including hundreds of demolished … Continue reading

Are There Holes In Your Security Camera System?

Do you think you have found the perfect security system? The one that is perfect for any environment. The one that is a “one size fits all” security system. Well, think again. The truth is there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” security system. Everybody wants something different and every situation … Continue reading