Are There Holes In Your Security Camera System?

Do you think you have found the perfect security system? The one that is perfect for any environment. The one thatSecurity Hole is a “one size fits all” security system. Well, think again.

The truth is there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” security system. Everybody wants something different and every situation is different. There are so many things that you need to take into account.

A sales person may disagree, he may think all he needs to do is get the customer a purchase and item and then his job is done. He may even make himself and his company more money if he is able to sell some sort of “one size fits all” bundle. The truth is, the experience will go better for the consumer if he is educated.

One very important thing that gets overlooked is the lighting. Every security camera renders color differently depending on the lighting situation. Whether that means a bright background with a darker foreground or the complete opposite. It’s important to have a camera that you know will work best for that situation.

What exactly happens when you have that all-in-one camera? That camera you were promised would be perfect, regardless of the situation. Well, with this “one size fits all” camera, as the quality of lighting goes down, so does the picture, significantly. As the picture quality decreases it also increases the chances of defects such as noise or image trailing.

What exactly is image trailing or video noise? Video noise is what appears to be static which can compromise the picture quality of what you are trying to capture. Image trailing, also called ghosting is when the image you are trying to capture is moving looks like it’s leaving a trail. It looks as if the object moving is being trailed by a ghost.

Choose the wrong camera, possibly that perfect “one size fits all” camera and you could be stuck with a surveillance camera system full of these types of problems. One of these problems could be the difference in being able to identify the face of a person or a license plate.

Trust a specialist that can evaluate your situation instead of making the mistake of buying a one size fits all camera and having to spend more money to upgrade in the future.