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How Much Does it Cost To Install an HDTVI System?

Some really amazing recent technological advances have made HD security cameras much more affordable for small businesses and homes. Video surveillance is still thought of by many business and home owners as an advantage only the wealthy have access to. New security camera systems, such as the new HDTVI cameras, have blended the affordability of … Continue reading

Is Vehicle GPS Tracking Affordable?

If you run a taxi service, a wholesale business, or another business which requires the use of multiple company vehicles, you might be interested in where your vehicles are at any given moment in time. How can you know for sure that your drivers are working hard and reaching their destinations on time and not … Continue reading

Analog Cameras vs. HDCVI Cameras

Security cameras have become a necessity for today’s businesses and many homes. With one burglary taking place every 14 seconds in the United States, it’s not difficult to see why. Without this technology, your business is vulnerable. But is video surveillance affordable for a small business in the New York area? Is it realistic to … Continue reading

How Do Biometric Security Systems Work

If you are a business owner or manager, or if you oversee several properties, then security is no doubt something you think about often. If you don’t currently have a sufficient security system in place, the safety of your business, employees, merchandise, and assets may be something that even keeps you up at night – … Continue reading