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Analog Cameras vs. HDCVI Cameras

Security cameras have become a necessity for today’s businesses and many homes. With one burglary taking place every 14 seconds in the United States, it’s not difficult to see why. Without this technology, your business is vulnerable. But is video surveillance affordable for a small business in the New York area? Is it realistic to … Continue reading

How Do Biometric Security Systems Work

If you are a business owner or manager, or if you oversee several properties, then security is no doubt something you think about often. If you don’t currently have a sufficient security system in place, the safety of your business, employees, merchandise, and assets may be something that even keeps you up at night – … Continue reading


Many business owners and home owners today are investing in security cameras. Many others would like to but doubt if they can afford it. In many of our minds, video surveillance just seems like it must be expensive. The truth is that security cameras are more affordable than you may think, and have now become … Continue reading

Nassau County Security Camera Installers With A+ Rating From BBB

In today’s world, owning or running a business or managing properties means installing security cameras. Many homes require the same. With recent advances in camera technology such as HDCVI and HDTVI cameras, surveillance cameras have become more effective and affordable than ever before. Therefore, being able to afford to install cameras isn’t the question for … Continue reading