Is Vehicle GPS Tracking Affordable?

If you run a taxi service, a wholesale business, or another business which requires the use of multiple company vehicles, you might be interested in where your vehicles are at any given moment in time. How can you know for sure that your drivers are working hard and reaching their destinations on time and not taking unnecessarily long lunch breaks or detours to non-business related pit-stops? Wouldn’t it be valuable to be able to know where all your vehicles are at all times? However, you may be wondering what GPS tracking costs. The answer to that question is – it depends.

Below, we’ll briefly go over a few benefits of GPS tracking, as well as some factors that will impact your vehicle GPS tracking cost.

The Benefits of GPS TrackingGPS-Tracking

Your tracking system will give you access to a lot of information you once could only wonder about, as well as make your business more efficient:

  • Reduce gas usage
  • Reduce or even eliminate overtime
  • Reduce or eliminate time at unauthorized stops
  • Reduce field agent downtime
  • Track and document all routes driven and stops made
  • Eliminate employee fraud

It’s not hard to see how valuable this service can be and how much more efficiently it can help your business to operate. Let’s take a quick look at what can impact the cost.

The Size of Your Fleet

The bigger your fleet is, the more technology and service you’ll require to be able to see where all your drivers are at once. A GPS expert can help you navigate the decision to track all or only some of your company vehicles.

Your GPS Tracking Package

With a GPS tracking system, you can simply sign in to a secure website and access real time fleet tracking information. Other benefits of your package could include:

  • Trip Report
  • Speed Report
  • Ignition On/Off Report
  • Mileage Report
  • Idling Report
  • Alert Reports
  • Start/Stop Reports

The services you choose to take advantage of can all affect the total cost of your package.

Total Security for Affordable Vehicle GPS Cost

One of the many things the experts at Total Security focus on is helping customers with real security needs and a budget to identify affordable GPS tracking solutions. If you need a GPS tracking system for a rate that won’t break your bank, we would love to hear from you today. We work hard to find security solutions for our customers that will serve them well without putting them in a tough financial situation. For you free quote and evaluation, call us today at (516) 775-2304 or visit us on the web at We’re looking forward to making your business as efficient as possible with a new GPS tracking system! We serve businesses throughout the New York area, including NYC and Long Island.