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What to Consider When Choosing a Stadium Security Surveillance System

All recreational venues pose security risks, but sports stadiums and arenas are on top of the list. Many modern stadiums in New York are multipurpose venues, where concerts and other community events are also held. Stadiums receive thousands of visits for every sporting event and so it is important for the security management of these … Continue reading

How Stadium Security Systems Can Be Beneficial During Sporting Events

Tragic events and violence are not only limited to residences or the streets but also in stadiums where large crowds gather around. Any event held in a stadium or sports arena involves large numbers of people and is a possible target for criminal activity too. Stadiums in New York, especially those near urban areas and … Continue reading

Could Your Hotel Be a Target for Criminals?

For most businesses, having an efficient security plan is crucial in ensuring the company’s assets, employees and customers are well protected. This often requires an investment on installing surveillance security systems and hiring security personnel to monitor the premises. If you are involved in the hospitality industry, like managing a hotel, why do you think … Continue reading

Top 6 Data Center Security and Protection Measures

Data security is a major concern for data centers. Every day, data facilities around the world are threatened by different external sources, like malware and hackers. These activities are becoming more prevalent, which means that data center management should strongly secure their IT assets in an effective way. It is very important to build strong … Continue reading