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How To Make Your Brooklyn Neighborhood Watch High Tech

Neighborhood Watch has been one of the oldest and effective crime prevention programs in the United States. Neighborhood Watch brings safer streets and homes, community spirit, camaraderie with neighbors and stronger relations with law enforcement. In addition it can help reduce drug dealing, open-air drug markets, discourage gangs, improve security of young people and help … Continue reading

Queens Park to Have Security Camera Installation After Series of Sexual Assaults

After multiple incidents of sexual assaults at Forest Park in Forest Hills, Queens  authorities have taken action and are finally planning to install security cameras in the park. Assemblyman Michael Miller and State Senator, Joseph Addabbo have been trying to get surveillance cameras installed in the park for quite some time. Addabbo had been in … Continue reading

Are There Holes In Your Security Camera System?

Do you think you have found the perfect security system? The one that is perfect for any environment. The one that is a “one size fits all” security system. Well, think again. The truth is there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” security system. Everybody wants something different and every situation … Continue reading

The Great Debate: Privacy vs. Security

For decades, we have all wondered where the correct balance lies between protecting our privacy and security. There are strong arguments from both sides but let’s be honest, there is only one winner. When it comes to the debate of privacy vs. security, as Joanne Kaufman of the New York Times said, “Security rules, and … Continue reading