Queens Park to Have Security Camera Installation After Series of Sexual Assaults

After multiple incidents of sexual assaults at Forest Park in Forest Hills, Queens  authorities have taken action and are finally planning to install security cameras in the park.

Assemblyman Michael Miller and State Senator, Joseph Addabbo have been trying to get surveillance cameras installed in the park for quite some time. Addabbo had been in discussions with the New York Police Department about getting the cameras installed. Addabbo allocated $250,000 to be spent on the surveillance equipment for the park. However, the NYPD could not guarantee that they would use the funds for the camera installations.

Having doubts about the NYP, Addabbo contacted the Parks Department since the NYPD would not guarantee the funding would be used for the cameras. Unexpectedly, the NYPD agreed to use the funds for the cameras and an agreement was reached.

Both Addabbo and Miller felt it was very important to get the cameras installed in Forest Park and made it a priority.

“If there is an issue going on in Forest Park I felt putting a camera in there would bring security in the area,” Miller said. “If we can protect one person then we have done our job.”

The NYPD plans to use the $250,000 on 360-degree fisheye lens cameras that will be placed in various locations around the park. The recordings will stream directly to the NYPD.

The NYPD is currently investigating locations that they will install the cameras. Some of the locations they are planning on installing are the entrances, Forest Park Carousel, athletic fields, playground, running trails and parking lot.

The goal for the installation is to use a crime deterrent, especially to the sexual offender who is believed to be linked to six sexual assaults that have taken in the place since March 2011. These include a 23 year-old jogger in March, a 69 year-old woman in August and a 13 year old girl back in 2011.

Miller agrees that the cameras can be very successful in being used as deterrents.

“I think it will be extremely helpful in being a deterrent to crime,” Miller said. “If somebody thinks of doing something there, and they see the camera, they will think twice before committing a crime.”

Families and children should feel protected and safe when in a public environment such as a public park. Because of the sexual assaults in Forest Park, it has created a sense of fear and people have avoided going to the park because of the incidents. With security cameras installed in Queens Park, NY, families can go and enjoy the park and finally have a peace of mind while they are there.