3 Common Office Security Mistakes

In any commercial environment, office security is critical for protecting the employees, property, and the business itself. Unfortunately, there are some areas of security that are often overlooked that can contribute to profit shrinkage. Insufficient office security systems can be as bad as not having security at all. Below are three common mistakes that offices … Continue reading

Church Security Systems – Protection against Place of Worship Crimes

Heartbreaking events around the world have brought the issue of violence against faith communities to the limelight. Recent terror attacks and threats have forced people to experience feelings of vulnerability, thus focusing our attention on improving temples, synagogues, and church security. Many churches in New York typically have open-door policies, for good reasons. Churches want … Continue reading

How Nursing Home Security Systems Can Create a Nurturing Environment for Elders

Nursing home security systems are a great way to prevent elder abuse and other unwanted incidents in elder care facilities. On a February 2016 Nursing Home Surveillance Report published by the New York State Office of the State Comptroller, there are 631 nursing home facilities that are currently active in New York State. Between January … Continue reading

What to Consider When Choosing a Stadium Security Surveillance System

All recreational venues pose security risks, but sports stadiums and arenas are on top of the list. Many modern stadiums in New York are multipurpose venues, where concerts and other community events are also held. Stadiums receive thousands of visits for every sporting event and so it is important for the security management of these … Continue reading