3 Common Office Security Mistakes

office security systemsIn any commercial environment, office security is critical for protecting the employees, property, and the business itself.

Unfortunately, there are some areas of security that are often overlooked that can contribute to profit shrinkage.

Insufficient office security systems can be as bad as not having security at all.

Below are three common mistakes that offices make and that must be avoided.


  1. Failing to Strictly Enforce Access Control Requirements – Regardless of what size your office is, it is paramount that the access control requirements are strictly enforced. Access cards or office badges are effective when it comes to controlling access. All employees, even higher management, should comply with these requirements since not doing so undermines the integrity of the overall security program put in place.
  1. Not Securing Important Office Areas – Securing the entire office building is crucial but there are important areas within the office that need an extra level of security too. It is important to install extra security in places where confidential files and documents are stored, like your computer server room. Not doing so will put sensitive information at risk. Installing high definition security cameras together with access cards or biometric systems is one of the best ways to secure your files. These security features are effective in preventing unauthorized access. Additionally, most offices have more than one entrance and exit point. Unfortunately, many of them fail to secure all entrances and even emergency exits. Insufficient security on these areas poses a huge safety risks for everyone. It is highly recommended to install video surveillance cameras and other efficient monitoring devices to monitor individuals coming inside the office. Office security cameras are not just for monitoring but also for discouraging criminal behaviors.
  1. Installing Office Security Systems That Are Too Complex – Installation of security systems for your office requires a substantial amount of money. However, if your security personnel does not understand the security technologies in place, then you will never take full advantage of the benefits they provide. It is important to update and train your staff on any new security devices to be installed. This will help them make the most use of it and thus keep your office safer.

Office security systems can not only secure your employees or property but they also help ensure office productivity. Avoiding these 3 common mistakes can help your business achieve its goals. Talk to a professional office security systems installer on how you can improve the security of your office.