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New York Security Systems Company Total Security Announces New Customer Service Initiative

Total Security is proud to announce the launch of a new customer service initiative. As of June 3rd the company’s new business development sector will be in full swing. Customers will be immersed in the world of security! Every customer should feel that they have all the necessary information in order to gain knowledge about … Continue reading

4 Signs Your New York School Security System Is Outdated

On May 15th in Newark, NJ a student was gunned down and the school went into a 65 minute lockdown after two of the assailants ran into the school and hid in the principal’s office. This incident sent parents into an uproar because they were never notified by authorities or the school. All of us … Continue reading

Why You Need Security In Your Church or Place of Worship

  Churches and other places of worship are establishments meant to provide members with a sense of safety and peace. With the constant flow of people entering and exiting it may be hard to make sure that safety is a priority. With security cameras you can make sure that the facility is being monitored 24/7 … Continue reading

How Do I Know How Much My New York Security Camera System Will Cost Me?

Total Security receives a lot of questions from customers and the most frequently asked question is about the cost of security cameras for homeowners. As security systems are becoming more common in homes companies are trying to work harder to offer competitive pricing for customers.   Q: How Do I Know How Much My New … Continue reading