What are the range in features that I can expect in NYC CCTV Cameras?

CCTV Cameras New York CityThere are endless features when it comes to CCTV cameras in NYC. Every NYC CCTV camera system has different features and sometimes it can seem intimidating when trying to select which is best for you. To make the selection process easier it is necessary to determine what you will be utilizing the camera for.


The first feature to pay attention to is the zoom lens on your camera. Different hidden cameras have different zoom capabilities.  This is significant if your cameras are located farther away from your subjects than desired.


A second feature of NYC CCTV cameras to take note of is picture quality. Picture can appear grainy/blurry if you not have cameras that have a higher resolution. This is significant because you want to make sure the footage you are capturing will be clear enough to review if necessary.


Color is also a factor you can decide on. If you’d like image to be recorded in color instead of black and white you want to make sure you specify that in the selection process. Brightness is important to consider when you are installing a CCTV camera in an area that may be dimly lit. If you are putting a camera outside you need to be sure that you ask how it will function in the dark because you will need a night-vision camera.


Keep in mind that there are specific cameras for indoors as well as outdoors. Outdoor cameras have multiple features on their own such as vandal-proof and weather-proof cameras. All of these features are basic features that you can expect from your CCTV cameras. Features will vary by camera but it is important to be aware of each of these features and to decide what will work best for your system. A qualified NYC CCTV cameras company can help answer all of your questions and even provide a free onsite security estimate. Call (516) 775-2304 for more information.