4 Signs Your New York School Security System Is Outdated

new york school security systems working?On May 15th in Newark, NJ a student was gunned down and the school went into a 65 minute lockdown after two of the assailants ran into the school and hid in the principal’s office. This incident sent parents into an uproar because they were never notified by authorities or the school. All of us in New York can try to learn from this tragedy. This story in the news prompted the question “Are your New York school security systems outdated”?


1.    Your cameras have low resolution
Many older systems consist of analog cameras and while they serve their purpose the resolution on your picture may be very low. If images are not clear cameras may not be living up to their full potential. In order to fix this take a look at IP Cameras and consider upgrading to cameras that provide you with higher resolution images.


2.    You can’t connect remotely
If your system does not allow school officials to connect to a live feed remotely (via cell phones, laptops or Ipads) you must upgrade your system. Connecting remotely allows access to a live feed which can assist authorities in the event of a crisis. If an emergency occurs a school official can connect via their device and direct authorities to the location of the scene.


3.    You don’t have panic buttons
Panic buttons connected to the main audio system in a school allow teachers to notify the main office immediately in the event of an emergency. If an event occurs in a specific classroom the teacher (or student) would have access to the panic button which would then allow the main office to hear what is occurring in the classroom.


4.    Your parking lot & classrooms do not have cameras
Security cameras located in the parking lot of your school must be installed in order to monitor the grounds especially if the parking lot provides direct access to an entrance or exit. Each individual classroom should also have security cameras in order to identify and zone in on the location of specific events.


The point of school surveillance is to have everything in place in the event of a crisis situation. Everything should be connected to a central location as it allows easy access and provides a more seamless, solid sense of security. Everything can be seen as dual purpose and in a school that is essential.