What Total Security Evaluates During A Free New York Security Systems Onsite Estimate


Attention New York business owners and homeowners:


  • Has your home or business security been evaluated  recently?
  • Could your security be improved?


The main component of a security evaluation is the number of cameras you are looking to have installed. From that point forward a number of things are determined:


Types of cameras- There are IP cameras, analog cameras, and wireless cameras just to name a few and within these categories there are both indoor and outdoor cameras. These different cameras serve different purposes and all vary in price. After you narrow down the amount and types of cameras you want it is time to focus on the installation portion of the service.


Amount of time to complete install- Depending on the cameras as well as the amount you chose to have installed Total Security will give you an approximate amount of days they estimate the installation to take. Again, it is important to keep in mind that the amount of cameras you are installing determines how long the installation is going to take.


Amount of labor required to complete install– Amount of labor simply means how many installer Total Security is going to assign to your installation. This usually varies between 1-3 installers. After each of these components is determined Total Security will be able to give you an accurate price for your security system and tell you which components you can save money on and which they would advise you to invest in.


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