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Total Security Integrated Systems Announces New Jersey Retail And Operations Location

Building on over 15 years serving the New York residential and commercial markets, Total Security Integrated Systems of West Hempstead, NY is opening a brand new retail and operations location in Elmwood Park, NJ. The Grand Opening is expected to take place by November 30th, 2016. This move seeks to further the company’s strategic direction … Continue reading

Top 3 School Security System Features To Improve Student Safety

Any crime that can happen in shopping centers or parking lots can also take place in schools. We have heard devastating stories about school shootings, killing innocent lives. And because of these incidents, better security measures have become an important issue in schools. An effective security program is needed to ensure the safety of students, … Continue reading

Wireless Security Surveillance Systems – The Pros & Cons of Going Wireless

Modern technology has made security systems possible. When it comes to improving the security of businesses, the market provides consumers with two options – wired security systems or wireless surveillance systems. The latter has several distinct advantages over the traditional counterpart. In recent years, the use of wireless security systems has become increasingly popular for … Continue reading

3 Types of Security Cameras Ideal For Fire Departments And Firehouses

Security camera systems play a vital role in improving overall security measures. It becomes a necessity for both residential and commercial establishments. With today’s terror threats, government agencies around the United States are making use of the most advanced security devices to ensure everyone’s safety. Security surveillance cameras combined with human surveillance plays a vital … Continue reading