3 Types of Security Cameras Ideal For Fire Departments And Firehouses

Security camera systems play a vital role in improving overall security measures. It becomes a necessity for both residential and commercial establishments. With today’s terror threats, government agencies around the United States are making use of the most advanced security devices to ensure everyone’s safety. Security surveillance cameras combined with human surveillance plays a vital role in monitoring possible or ongoing criminal activities. Installing security cameras are by far the best way to secure a firehouse or fire department.

Before investing in a security camera system, it is important to think about the overall security requirements. It is important to consider where the cameras will be installed and how many of them are needed. Below are three different types of security cameras that are ideal for a fire department or firehouses use.

3 Security Cameras Ideal for Firehouses and Fire Stations

Dome Cameras

Dome Security CamerasDome cameras are step-up from the standard bullet cameras. As the name suggests, they are dome shaped and offers a wider view, providing 360-degree coverage. Some models have motion detection and use infrared technology providing better monitoring at night. Two advantages of using a dome camera are that they are not easy to destroy, and they are an effective deterrent to would-be criminals. This type of security camera can be installed both indoors and outdoors.


Wireless IP Cameras

Wireless Security CamerasWireless IP Security Cameras are ideal for outdoor monitoring, especially in areas where installing cables is a hassle. Wireless cameras feature motion detection allowing real-time alerts of intruders. They also provide clear footage even in low light conditions. These cameras can transmit digital signal remotely. Users can easily monitor multiple cameras at the same time and can be done in real time. Captured footage or images using these cameras are also available for viewing at a later date.


PTZ Cameras

PTZ CamerasPTZ Cameras provides wide monitoring coverage, so installing many of them is not necessary. They can be remotely controlled using a joystick. As the name suggests, it allows users to pan remotely, tilt and zoom for better viewing on areas of interest without affecting the video quality. They can be set to run automatically in preset positions.


Total Security offers a broad range of sophisticated security cameras for firehouses, fire stations, and fire departments. The ideal security camera system is typically a combination of different types of cameras.  For questions on how you can build a surveillance system that is suitable to the specific needs of your firehouse or fire department, call us at (516) 775-2304.