Top 6 Data Center Security and Protection Measures

Data security is a major concern for data centers. Every day, data facilities around the world are threatened by different external sources, like malware and hackers. These activities are becoming more prevalent, which means that data center management should strongly secure their IT assets in an effective way. It is very important to build strong … Continue reading

5 Reasons Why Surveillance Security Systems Will Improve Manhattan Parking Lot Security

Most of us use parking lots on a daily basis but do you know that parking facilities are the third most frequent place in which violent crimes happen? Based on a 2013 parking survey conducted by the International Parking Institute, Manhattan, the country’s biggest city has 86,000 networked parking spaces which is continuously growing in … Continue reading

Three Ways to Improve Security in Supermarkets

Businesses like restaurants, hotels, banks and supermarkets deal with a large amount of transactions every day. Whenever there is a large number of assets at stake, business security should be taken into high consideration. If you are a business owner or you manage a supermarket, you would want to protect your inventory, money, property and … Continue reading