How Nanny Camera Footage Can Help You Catch a Criminal


Recently in Newark, NJ a man entered the home of a woman while she was watching television with her 3-year-old daughter and proceeded to physically attack the woman.


A hidden nanny camera recorded the entire encounter. The footage yielded clear photographs which news stations displayed on television asking anyone with any information to come forward. Several weeks later, Shawn Custis was arraigned at Essex County Superior Court.


This case shows a possible shift in the use of nanny cameras. The main purpose of a nanny camera is to be able to monitor activity in your home when someone is taking care of your child/children when you are not home. Many suggest that nanny cameras should not be hidden and that announcing the installation of nanny cameras can help deter undesirable activity.


However, if nanny cameras are hidden they can be extremely useful. Hidden cameras allow you to catch activity that visible cameras can not deter. Nanny cameras come in a variety of sizes and styles. Even if you don’t have a nanny you can use your hidden camera to record video. “Nanny Cameras” are not your only option for a hidden camera; there are spy gadgets as well. Spy gadgets include cameras inside of objects that can be carried on you/a person or left in a room/location. Make sure to identify the main use for your spy gadget. If you feel that spy gadgets are not necessary you can always install indoor and/or outdoor cameras in a hidden area, which will allow the cameras to capture video but in a more discrete way. With so many different types of cameras it is impossible not to find the perfect fit for your home!


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