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How Do I Find The Best Security System in NYC

For people who are interested in purchasing a security systems nyc, there are many security systems on the market today. The systems span a variety of price ranges and come with a wide range of capabilities. In addition regarding security systems nyc, there are many companies that can help people with the purchase of a … Continue reading

Can I Upgrade My Long Island Business’ Security Camera System?

Yes! You definitely can upgrade your security camera system whenever you feel you are ready. If you are unsure if your cameras need to be updated ask yourself a few quick questions. Are you happy with the resolution of your cameras? Can you connect remotely? Is there a camera installed at every entry/exit point? If … Continue reading

How You Can Better Protect Yourself From Burglaries

  According to a survey conducted by the Alarm Industry Research and Educational Foundation (AIREF) a burglar’s behavior can be deterred in several ways. 60% of burglars said surveillance cameras and alarms were the most effective deterrent.   Here are some further burglary statistics: 83% attempt to determine if cameras are present 60% said if … Continue reading