Commercial Intercom Systems For Businesses On Long Island, NYC & NJ

apartment building audio/video intercom systems installations Long Island, NYC & NJA commercial intercom system is one of the most common and helpful forms of security any business on Long Island, New York City or New Jersey can have in place. It allows you to safeguard your office and employees by giving you total control over who you allow into your building. This is especially important for businesses that receive high traffic from outside visitors or who own residential buildings and want to protect those living in that building.

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How Apartment Building Owners Can Create A Safer Environment For Their Tenants

As the owner or property manager of an apartment building, condominium or co-op complex the safety of your tenants is a prime concern. A video intercom system is ideally placed at the entrance of your building where it will allow residents to view who is trying to access the building, whether it be a friend, delivery person or maintenance repair person. These systems empower your residents to provide or deny access in the event they are unsure of who is trying to enter the building.

If you own or manage a condominium or co-op complex, you may want to consider installing individual video intercom units at each door. This is especially ideal if you do not own a gated community and residents are not able to provide or deny access to the community.  An apartment building video intercom allows each tenant to see who is at the front door of the apartment building creating a safer environment for your commercial property.

If you already have an audio intercom system installed, you may want to consider upgrading to a video intercom system for added security. When communicating with the visitor, the tenant will be able to control the volume and adjust the brightness on the camera for clearer viewing directly from the monitor inside their unit. Video intercoms provide 24/7 communications and provide the simple two-way communication that is as simple as the press of a button.

Whether you have a large apartment complex with hundreds of units or a smaller one with a dozen or so units, Total Security can help. We offer color video monitors in varying screen sizes depending on your needs and preference.  Our video intercom systems for apartment buildings can be integrated with other security systems you have in place to elevate the level of security and monitoring of your apartment building.

We can help you determine the best placement for your video intercom system for your apartment complex or condo or co-op community and will help create a package to meet your budget. Call (516) 775-2304 today for a free onsite evaluation.

Additional Benefits of Video Intercom Systems

Know Who Is At The Entrance

business intercom systemsVideo intercom systems are used to communicate by voice and video between remote points in a facility. Intercoms increase the safety and security of your commercial property or business, while allowing people in different parts of your building to communicate with one another and with visitors. Video intercom systems provide two-way voice communications and one-way video communications between points. In some systems, the user can have multiple remote points with a central communications monitor point allowing a single individual to receive calls from many locations.

Screen Your Visitors

screen your visitorsRegardless of whether you own or manage an apartment building or commercial office, the ability to screen your visitors means you have control over who does or doesn’t get inside. For apartment buildings, residents are able to remotely unlock the door for guests using the intercom, rather than having to exit the apartment to let visitors in. In offices, employees are afforded the same level of control and are able to remotely allow for entrance into your building or office. This form of communication can easily be used to monitor requests to enter a facility and decide on access control.

Monitor Traffic

Monitoring the traffic within your business or property is a common security concern. Intercom systems are a great way to keep tabs on just who is coming to your door at any time. Certain areas of your business may contain sensitive information, valuable inventory or even cash which you need to keep unauthorized visitors, and even employees out of. In the event unauthorized access is requested, you will be able to deny that request. Having a visual record of who has come into your building is a safety feature you shouldn’t pass on.

Workplace Safety

ensure your safetyProtecting your employees and residents is always a top concern for anyone who runs a business. There has always been a need to protect people and assets limiting access to restricted areas or even main entrance. With an intercom system, you decide who gets in and who doesn’t!

At Total Security, we recognize the security issues faced by business owners and how an intercom system can help create and maintain a safe environment for your building.  Our Security Consultants are standing by, ready to help you develop a comprehensive solution that suits your business’ individual needs. To learn more about how Total Security can help your business fill out the form below.

Total Security Makes Your Business More Secure Than Ever By Keeping Unwanted Visitors Out

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