The 5 Most Unexpected Spy Cameras For Use In Homes

Water Bottle Hidden CameraSurveillance cameras no longer have to be out in the open. With the creation of residential security cameras, you can have complete surveillance without anybody noticing they even exist.


The key is choosing a camera that is appropriate for the occasion. There are five spy cameras that stand out from the rest.The best part about spy cameras is not only are they cameras, but they carry out the functions in which they are disguised to be.


1. Water Bottle Hidden Camera – As already mentioned, the key for a successful spy camera is selecting one for the right situation.The great part about the water bottle hidden camera is that there really is no situation for which it is inappropriate. Whether it’s in the car, at the home, at the office or in the kid’s room, it’s appropriate and undetectable at any time or place.

2. Smoke Alarm Hidden Camera – Like the water bottle hidden camera, the smoke alarm hidden camera is appropriate for just about any situation. It’s a device you can find in any home or business and carries out the regular functions.The only difference between the smoke alarm hidden camera and water bottle hidden camera is that the smoke alarm camera isn’t really appropriate for outdoors. For indoors, it’s perfect for just about any home or business.

3. Clock Radio Hidden Camera – The clock radio hidden camera is pretty much the standard when it comes to spy cameras. At least one clock radio is found in every home.The issue with the clock radio hidden camera is finding the right one. Considering that it’s such a popular spy camera, there are a variety of clock radio hidden cameras produced in an array of shapes and sizes. The key is choosing the right clock that fits the style of your home and doesn’t stand out.

4. Exit Sign Hidden Camera – Unlike the previously mentioned spy cameras, the exit sign is a little more location-specific. If you have an exit sign hanging above your door in your home, then it will probably begin to raise some questions. However when it goes for public facilities, such as businesses or schools, they all seem to have exit signs. It’s extremely common to see this in these types of places, which is why people will not suspect them at all.

5. Toy Blocks Hidden Camera – Toy blocks are the perfect nanny camera. While inappropriate for businesses or adults, it’s the perfect camera to spy on the nanny, babysitter or spouse, or anyone else in the home where a child may be present. Something as simple as a toy blocks hidden camera is the last place someone would expect to find a hidden camera.


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