Distribution Center Security Cameras New Jersey

Having a strong security system in place at your New Jersey distribution center is essential. More and more companies are realizing the importance of securing their property, their employees, and authorized guests that enter their building. In addition, it’s important to gain control over the security of your equipment (computer equipment, machinery, etc.)

Distribution centers often maintain large amounts of valuable inventory which makes it an appealing target for criminals looking to steal from you — both intruders and disgruntled employees.

It’s important that any security measures taken be effective and tailored specifically to meet these challenges. That is why we offer various security solutions designed not only to prevent loss but also to improve operations by creating an overall safer working environment!

Total Security provides distribution centers for the following services:

  • A comprehensive site security assessment.
  • Security strategies & solutions for any size distribution center.
  • Clear estimates without hidden costs.
  • Offering a seamless, professional experience from the moment you call us until your installation is complete.
  • The best way to increase the security and safety of your facility is by installing a comprehensive surveillance system. Not only will it help deter crime, but also provide an easy method for monitoring all areas at once – which could save lives in case there’s ever an emergency!

We install the following types of security cameras into Distribution Centers:

  • IP Security Cameras
  • HDTVI Cameras
  • HDCVI Cameras
  • CCTV Cameras (Closed Circuit)
  • High-Definition Cameras and Security Systems
  • HD Analog Cameras

IP Security Cameras – IP cameras are the opposite of analog Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras. An IP camera can be used for surveillance and to receive information through a network, such as the Internet or computer networks like Ethernet cables.

Additionally, it is connected with an embedded operating system on it, as a result, you do not need to use coaxial wiring anymore because they work by standard networking standards which make things simpler than before.

High-Definition Cameras and Security Systems – High-definition (or high-def or HD) cameras capture footage at a higher resolution than do standard-definition cameras, at either 1280 x 720 (commonly referred to as “720p”) or 1920 x 1080 (either “1080p” or “1080i”), which is the highest resolution available in modern camcorders.

HDTVI Cameras – An HDTVI camera is a version of an analog high-definition CCTV security camera that supports up to 1080p video resolution. These devices offer good picture quality with wide viewing angles and low power consumption, making them perfect for use in large buildings like distribution centers.

HD Analog Cameras – An analog security camera is a low-resolution device that needs to be connected through coaxial cable. Before wireless systems came into existence, analog security cameras were the most popular. Many companies still use this technology.

HDCVI Cameras – New high-definition CCTV cameras have been announced that transmit video signals at resolutions up to 2 Megapixels. These CTS (CCTV Camera System) devices use RG59 coaxial cable, which means they work with systems of old or new design and can be used for both indoor installations as well outdoor ones without needing any extra wiring!

CCTV Cameras (Closed Circuit) – Closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems are one of the most effective ways to keep an eye on your property. The feeds are transmitted within a closed space and can be viewed only by authorized users.

Modern cameras include DVR recording, night vision, and motion sensors which trigger immediately upon movement inside camera range – this helps eliminate false alarms while providing recordings when there’s activity detected outside of programmed parameters; 2-way audio allows both parties speaking directly to each other.

As the owner of your business, you need reliable security systems that can help protect both staff and assets. At Total Security we understand how important this is for distribution center owners and managers like yourself who are dealing with increasing volumes across all fronts on an already hectic day-to-day basis.

We’re here to support you and provide quality security solutions which will not only increase efficiency but also deter threats from coming into or leaving one’s facility unannounced!

A safety plan for your business is not one size fits all. Our security consultants will work with you to develop a comprehensive solution tailored just for your business.

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Distribution Centers Security Systems Installation New Jersey

Using security and surveillance systems for your New Jersey locations are a great way to keep your operation safe, especially in this day and age when there’s so much crime and risk of losing your valuable inventory.

The presence of our high-tech security cameras systems and surveillance equipment can also help deter would-be criminals by giving them pause before trying anything on site!

However, your full security system can include:

  • Security camera systems (for indoor and outdoor locations plus perimeters)
  • Access control systems including door and biometric access
  • Intercom systems
  • Alarm Systems
  • GPS systems (for your trucking fleet)
  • You can of course also hire security guards and personal, create security checkpoints and install other security (and safety!) measures.

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A thriving business is always ready for anything. That’s why at Total Security we specialize in installing, maintaining and servicing security systems for companies of all sizes – including large distribution centers in the New Jersey and adjoining areas. We make sure these facilities are protected by the most robust and modern security and surveillance systems that will not only alert you if there has been unauthorized entry but you gain access to monitor your business 24/7 from any location that has Internet access – with any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop or Desktop.

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Areas Served in New Jersey

We install CCTV and surveillance cameras and other security systems for distribution centers all throughout New Jersey including the following counties:

  • Atlantic County
  • Bergen County
  • Burlington County
  • Cumberland County
  • Camden County
  • Cape May County
  • Essex County
  • Gloucester County
  • Hudson County
  • Hunterdon County
  • Mercer County
  • Middlesex County
  • Monmouth County
  • Morris County
  • Ocean County
  • Passaic County
  • Salem County
  • Somerset County
  • Sussex County
  • Union County
  • Warren County

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