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Any one business is different from the next – be it located inside a home, in an office building with many other types, in a business park or even covering a city block. A company may range in the number of employees from one to thousands. However, they all have one risk in common – security.  home-house-security

Security Issues

The first thought in many cases to security systems NYC relates to software and what kind of firewalls a computer system uses. However, even the best firewall cannot keep a burglar from entering and taking all the hard drives and hard copy files, on which the business depends, which may be located in Nassau, Suffolk, or surrounding counties.

Even with backups, information about the clients is now unsecure, opening the chance for identity theft. The best firewall must be accompanied by the physical watchdog.

Loss of other assets is caustic – fax machines, monitors, servers, desks, and office supplies. Often, a thief will now take only the copper wiring, which is devastating in replacement costs for any company in the New York metro area.

Security Fixes

With onsite measures of physical security systems NYC, these scenarios can be avoided. When there is an attempted break in, with constant monitoring the thief will run away with little or nothing – or be apprehended on the spot.

Cameras, coupled with alarms, both loud and silent, make for very strong combinations. An intruder will be immediately recognized with the use of motion sensors. Motion sensors can be located throughout a building, both inside and out, to ensure the immediate notification of trespassers.

The alarm is then sounded, which may trigger a flight instinct in the would-be burglar, who might just turn and run. If not, cameras located strategically throughout the building show authorities the location of the intruder, so that an arrest can be made before any valuable equipment or information is lost.


With any system, the cost will depend on equipment used and monitoring schedules. However, there is no price tag for peace of mind. Plus, a company can be ruined by just one break in. Since locks can be broken, the need for physical security remains an important business responsibility to the company itself and its customers.

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