A Mother’s Intuition is Never Wrong: Nanny Cameras Can Keep Your Children Out of Danger


“To install” or “Not to install”- THAT should never be the question!


Nanny Cameras for New York HomesNanny cameras are a controversial topic for parents and families across the nation. Nanny cameras, also known as “nanny cams” are strategically placed cameras which are (most commonly) hidden throughout your home in order to monitor activity, specifically when you have a nanny, babysitter or au pair who cares for your children.


With more and more cases surfacing in the media it is hard to ignore the fact that your children could potentially be in danger. Take for example the case of a Staten Island mother who caught her nanny on hidden camera. On January 28th 2013, 58 year old Mamura Nasirova was caught on “nanny cam” shaking and slapping a 5 month old baby. The family installed a hidden camera in their carbon monoxide detector after they had suspicions. The camera was connected to a remote feed that they were able to view while they were not home which is eventually how the truth came to light. Mamura Nasirova was arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child and resisting arrest.



It is unfortunate but the truth is that when it comes to your children you cannot trust anyone. Purchasing and installing a nanny cam is the only way to assure that your children are being cared for and are safe. Beyond safety, nanny cams can also allow you to spot certain behaviors you may feel you want to correct or talk to your nanny about. You may decide that you want your cameras hidden but consider telling your nanny that there are home security cameras and that activity will be monitored. The point is to prevent something bad from happening as opposed to catching the act occur.