3 Reasons Your NYC Building Should Have an Intercom System

intercom-system-installations-a-good-ideaAn intercom system is just as a common as a doorbell in today’s day and age. In a place like New York City it is just about a necessity. A few places where an Intercom System would be very important would be Nursing Homes or an apartment complex. If you are responsible for real estate management it is time to take notice and be aware of intercom systems. Here are four reasons why intercom systems are a must for any housing complex.


1) Safety – The first and most obvious reason to install an intercom system is safety. With an intercom system you are able to tell who is at your door and what they sound or look like. This is especially useful when someone is at the door of your apartment complex that you don’t know. If you are living in a apartment building


2) Convenience – How would you like to be able to unlock your door and let people in without even moving? An intercom system makes this completely possible. An intercom system is perfect for people that live in an apartment building in someplace like New York City. It’s ridiculous to expect a tenant to constantly go up and down a full flight of stairs to answer a door if it is locked.


3) Money – As noted in the introduction of this article, most up to date apartment complexes in New York City have an intercom system. At this point they are very common. Let me ask you this, if you wanted to live in a building, would you rather have an intercom system or not have one? Of course you would want one; it makes life a lot easier for you. An intercom system should be seen as an investment because it is a perk that will certainly attract more potential tenants.


These are just four of the reasons that intercoms should be in buildings such as apartment complexes or nursing homes.


Did we miss any? Any comments? Feel free to share!