Why Total Security Is The Top Security Camera Company in New York

“Total Security- Should You Expect Any Less”? It’s all in the slogan.


Total Security takes the title “Top Security Camera Company in New York“. With companies trying to “ooh” and “ahh” customers, it is refreshing to see that some companies can be modest while maintaining a sense of professionalism. Total Security embodies exactly that modesty and professionalism.


The company exudes a family, local kind of feel despite acquiring an impressive list of clientele such as 740 Park Avenue in New York City. “What I take pride in is the fact that every employee of this company will go above and beyond for each and every customer. We take pride in treating each customer like they are our one and only customer and in that we ensure they receive the quality service that we would want if we were on the receiving end,” said Owner Matthew DiMicco in a recent interview.


Total Security was founded in 2002 by Matthew DiMicco. As most companies expand and grow the customer interaction with the actual owner decreases, but that is not the case with Matthew. He remains the heart of the business and completes more than 50% of the estimates himself.


Based out of Elmont, NY Total Security has traveled across the state of New York as well as to parts of New Jersey to complete installations. The company’s product list is virtually endless as Total Security seems to have access to any camera from any distributor. Pricing is always competitive and the company works with you to create a customized system that works specifically for you and your family.


More recently, Total Security has announced the launch of two new initiatives. The first initiative they announced earlier in May was the launch of a security initiative for New York City buildings. The company recently announced an internal launch of a new customer service component to their business which involves newsletters, promotions etc.


At the end of the day it is up to you to select a company that you feel is doing right by you and Total Security is that company. Total Security stands apart from all of the rest!